Песня принцесса каденс и перевёртыш - исполнитель мой маленький пони

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Рейтинг: 0
Исполнитель: мой маленький пони
Название песни: принцесса каденс и перевёртыш
Продолжительность mp3: 02:11
Дата добавления: 2015-01-16
Текст просмотрен: 402

Текст песни

[Queen Chrysalis]
This day is going to be perfect
The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small
Everypony will gather round
Say I look lovely in my gown
What they don't know is that I have fooled them all
[Princess Cadance]
This day was going to be perfect
The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small
But instead of having cake
With all my friends to celebrate
My wedding bells, they may not ring for me at all
[Queen Chrysalis]
I could care less about the dress
I won't partake in any cake
Vows, well I'll be lying when I say
That through any kind of weather
I'll want us to be together
The truth is I don't care for him at all
No I do not love the groom
In my heart there is no room
But I still want him to be all mine
[Princess Cadance]
We must escape before it's too late
Find a way to save the day
Hope, I'll be lying if I say
I don't fear that I may lose him
To one who wants to use him
Not care for, love and cherish him each day
For I oh-so love the groom
All my thoughts he does consume
Oh Shining Armor, I'll be there very soon
[Queen Chrysalis]
Finally the moment has arrived
For me to be one lucky bride
[Princess Cadance]
Oh, the wedding we won't make
He'll end up marrying a fake
Shining Armor will be
[Queen Chrysalis]: Mine, all mine. [evil chuckle]

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